February 1, 2015


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ACMC-Redwood Falls

ACMC Providers and Staff on All They Want for the Holidays…

ACMC providers and staff across the system shared what they wanted this holiday season during our 12 Days of Holiday Giveaways on Facebook. In case you missed it, here’s a round up of what a few of our employees were hoping to get for the holidays. Click to view a larger image.  … [More]

Third-Year Medical Student Allison Homstad with ACMC-Marshall pediatrician Dr. Atul Mishra

Medical Student Allison Homstad Putting Her Education to Practice at ACMC

It was a normal afternoon in 2005 working at the hospice care facility for Allison Homstad. It was summer break between her sophomore and junior year in high school. She was happily baking cookies when one of the residents came into the kitchen and sat down. Allison tried making small talk with him, but despite her best efforts, he didn’t seem to want to talk. But when she … [More]

Family at Christmas dinner

Tips for a Healthy Holiday Season When You’re on the Go

It can be difficult to stay healthy during a season that’s known for colds and the flu. No one has time to be sick during the holidays--especially when you’re on the road. The holidays can be very hectic, and when you combine that with travel, many times we end up being sleep-deprived. This in turn can make you overeat, make you sluggish and affect your … [More]

Darlene Bratberg_Willmar Regional Cancer Center Volunteer

Volunteer Darlene Bratberg Bringing Joy and Laughter to Willmar Regional Cancer Center

Anytime Darlene Bratberg brings a smile to someone’s face, it’s been a good day. Those smiles are the reason she volunteers at Willmar Regional Cancer Center. As a retired ACMC nurse, it gives her a way to continue to connect with patients even if they aren’t officially her patients. It’s also one way she honors loved ones who’ve battled cancer. From Nurse to … [More]