December 17, 2017

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Archives for July 2011

Medical Students and Dental Students Combine and Share Learning Experience

As one of the weekly Wednesday Education programs offered to medical students at ACMC, they made a morning to visit to the Rice Regional Dental Clinic in Willmar. It was an impressive model for all the students, staff and dentists as they were able to interact in an inter-professional education setting. The experience between dental [More]

A Different Test – Climbing Mt. Rainier

Jeff Kennedy is an exercise physiologist at ACMC.  Jeff and two colleagues climbed Mt. Rainier in Seattle, Washington on Memorial Day weekend. Staying motivated to train is always easiest when your program culminates with an event.  Having completed countless runs from marathons to 5k’s, in climates from tropical to desert and everything in between, my [More]

Hyper-what? Why Does My Doc Keep Hounding Me about My Blood Pressure?

Hyper-what?  Why does my doc keep hounding me about my blood pressure? Let’s take the confusion out of high blood pressure by pretending your cardiovascular system is nothing but a system of the following three parts: Pump Pipes Filter The Pump: If any pump is required to push against higher pressures long enough, it is [More]

Getting Those Eye Drops in your Eyes!

Has your doctor ever prescribed eye drops for you? Are you tired of trying to hold your eyelids open with one hand while attempting to land a drop in the eye? It seems many times patients blink just at the wrong time, or land the drop on their forehead or nose. Here’s the trick. Tip [More]