March 23, 2019

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Archives for January 2012

Insulin: The Fuel Line for Your Body

Where does your car go when it’s out of gas?  You might get down the block on fumes, but you won’t go very far.  Your body works the same way. In your car fuel is stored in the gas tank, but without a fuel line to get the gas to the engine it won’t help [More]

Winter Skin Care Tips

Dealing with skin care issues in the winter can be no fun.  The air is cold and dry and our skin seems to suffer.   Does your skin feel dry and rough?  Do you have places where it cracks and peels or maybe you have a rash and wonder what you can do?  I’ve put together [More]

I Care for the Community that Cares for Me!

I guess when I look back you could probably ask my classmates and they would tell you that it was as early as sixth grade that I knew that I wanted to be a doctor. I grew up in rural Spicer, Minn., and I knew that this was the size of community I wanted to [More]

It’s a virus so what can you do?

We’re seeing a high number of people in our clinics with coughs, stuffy noses, head congestion and sore throats.  So what can you do at home that will help you get better and when should you seek medical attention? Outlasting the virus Most viral illnesses last 7-10 days, with day 4 and day 5 being [More]