May 21, 2018

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Archives for November 2013

Third-Year Medical Student Reid Johnson’s Journey into Medicine

Raised in California this surfer, banjo player, genealogist, and Eagle Scout packed his bags at 19, leaving Southern California behind. He traveled more than 5,000 miles to Santiago, Chile, on a church mission trip. What Reid didn’t know at the time was that his two-year experience in South America would help determine the direction of [More]

Dr. Lucio Minces & Dr. Carlos Franco Palacios: Friends, Doctors, Colleagues

Both Dr. Lucio Minces and Dr. Carlos Franco Palacios are from South America. Dr. Minces from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Dr. Franco Palacios from Asunción, Paraguay. It wasn’t long after Dr. Minces joined ACMC’s team of health care providers that Dr. Palacios came on board, too. But their friendship didn’t start there. The Beginning of [More]