December 17, 2017

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Archives for September 2014

Family Man and Hospitalist Dr. Michael May

“Growing up I was good at science and math, and I really liked those subjects,” said ACMC hospitalist Dr. Michael May. “When I combined that with my desire to serve people, the medical field was really appealing to me. What wasn’t quite so appealing were the years of education and training.” After finishing medical school [More]

From the Navy to Medicine, Dr. Mark Eakes Pursuing His Dream in Granite Falls

After more than 20 years in the Navy, family medicine physician Dr. Mark Eakes finally has the opportunity to pursue his dream of being a doctor. “I went into the Navy in 1982 and met my wife Debbie after moving to San Diego to begin my Naval career. Over eight years, we had five coast-to-coast [More]

Should I Be Worried about this Enterovirus Everyone is Talking about?

You’ve probably heard about a respiratory illness making its way across the Midwest. The first cases of the virus, called Enterovirus D68 or EV-D68, were recently confirmed in Minnesota. Healthcare facilities across Minnesota are also reporting an increase in respiratory infections—particularly in children. “Enteroviruses are not a new virus, and anyone can become infected with an enterovirus. Every [More]

Radiation Oncologist Dr. Tod Speer Getting Back to Patient Care at the Willmar Regional Cancer Center

The Willmar Regional Cancer Center’s (WRCC) newest radiation oncologist Dr. Tod Speer is used to Midwestern living. He grew up near Chicago and most recently lived in Madison, Wis., where he worked at the University School of Medicine as a clinical assistant professor in human oncology.  Though he enjoyed his job, he decided he wanted [More]