November 13, 2018

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Archives for April 2015

Medical Student Libby Feist Practicing Medicine and Spanish during RPAP Experience

Growing up in New Prague, Minn., Libby Feist loved watching the television show ER with her mom. It’s what first sparked her interest in the medical field. Science classes were her favorite, and a human anatomy class she took in high school was further proof that it may be the right career for her. But [More]

Medical Student Alex Hartley’s Road to Psychiatry

ACMC fourth-year medical student Alexandra Hartley didn’t take the traditional path into medicine like many of her peers. After finishing her undergraduate degree at the University of St. Thomas, she spent five years working with adults with mental illness in the Twin Cities. That was when she realized if she wanted to bring mental health [More]

What is an Ambulatory Surgery Center?

Forty-five years ago, the first ambulatory surgery center (ASC) was established in Phoenix, Ariz., by two physicians who wanted to provide more timely, convenient and comfortable surgical services for their patients. Today there are more than 5,300 ASCs in the United States, and they perform 23 million surgeries annually. Willmar Surgery Center and the ACMC-Marshall Surgery [More]