March 22, 2019

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ACMC Achieves MGMA Superior Rating

Superior RatingI think there are many factors that helped us achieve Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) Superior Rating for the second year in a row.  The size of our organization is a huge benefit; it allows for us to get very good at administering the back room operations of the clinic in diverse areas such as coding.

ACMC is growing; we built a new clinic in New London, Minn., in response to the demands of our service area and we are constantly making upgrades to our clinics so that our buildings and equipment don’t become obsolete. We implemented the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) far earlier than many organizations around us and today we have a fully functioning EMR while many other facilities are just starting their implementation. Our x-ray images are digital and available on-line as we have no x-ray film. This means that we have available to us radiologists who specialize in different parts of the body to read our x-rays quickly. Because of the technology we have in place our x-rays are readily available at all of our ACMC clinics and the hospitals in the communities that we serve.

Tom Rozendaal, CFO, ACMC-Willmar

Tom Rozendaal, CFO, ACMC-Willmar

We compare ACMC to benchmark reports and industry standards to make sure we are doing what is right for our patients as well as for the financial stability of our organization. At ACMC our turnover is low which means that our nurse/doctor teams and system support is very consistent and good working relationships are developed; we have a log of long-term employees here. ACMC is also privately held corporation; we are physician/shareholder owned. We don’t have big corporations with administrative teams telling us how to run our business; at ACMC the physicians determine the direction of the organization. In other words, as a physician, you control your own destiny.

What I like about ACMC is that our belief is to invest in our organization; both the physical plants and the employees.  We have primary and specialty care physicians and offer diversified services such as audiology, optical, diabetic care, physical therapy, lab and imaging services. We look to create partnerships and joint ventures with other organizations in our service area that are critical to the success of all of the partners organizations and to provide a service that is better because we are doing it together.