May 20, 2019

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LeVern’s Physical Therapy Story

“The pain in my shoulder was immediate and excruciating.” In February of 2016, LeVern slipped on a patch of ice. Losing his balance, he fell and landed on his left elbow which forced his arm upward, causing excruciating pain in his shoulder. An MRI revealed that he had torn his rotator cuff and would need [More]

Sonja’s Physical Therapy Story

“Whenever I have pain I am comfortable working with Kurt.” There is one word that comes to mind when describing the relationship between physical therapy assistant, Kurt VanDerBeek and his patient Sonja, honest. After 12 years of working together, both Sonja and Kurt have developed a comfort level that makes their sessions together productive, accommodating [More]

Allie’s Physical Therapy Story

“I’ve had therapy with Ryan for seven years.” It has been seven years since Allie came through the doors of ACMC physical therapy for the first time. At just eleven years old, Allie began working with physical therapist, Ryan Hebrink, for symptoms related to her cerebral palsy, a neurological disorder which affects the body’s movement [More]

Elizabeth’s Physical Therapy Story

After years of teaching, it is Elizabeth’s turn to be the student. With chronic pain in both shoulders, Elizabeth has been intermittently learning from physical therapist, Adam Mooberry for nearly 10 years. “I needed to avoid a total shoulder replacement.” “I am formally a teacher and carried a book bag that was horrendous on my [More]

Horses as Healers: Dr. Mary Vomacka on Her Passion for Psychiatry

As a psychiatrist, Dr. Mary Vomacka knows her role in patient’s lives often goes beyond the walls of her office. With a practice unlike others in the system, Dr. Vomacka combines medication management and therapy to help her patients reach milestones in mental health. She has also taken a keen interest in a therapy that [More]

Donna’s Physical Therapy Story

“I woke up in a lot of pain.” In August of 2015, Donna went camping with her husband and friends at Buffalo Ridge in Gary, SD. Although she doesn’t recall much of the incident, a fall out of her camper left Donna unconscious and with her shoulder greatly damaged. “I don’t really remember hitting the [More]

Jean’s Physical Therapy Story

“I needed someone to lean on during my journey with MS.” For Jean, having someone to lean on has been an important part of her journey with multiple sclerosis, a nervous system disease that hinders communication between the brain and body. Since her diagnosis in 2000, Jean’s search for solutions to her challenges she faces [More]

Karla’s Physical Therapy Story

“After surgery, I was sore and didn’t know what to expect.” An accidental slip on wet floors brought Karla to ACMC’s Physical Therapy Team. Karla was mopping at work when her feet suddenly came up from under her. Putting her right hand down to block the fall, Karla jarred her shoulder and tore her rotator [More]

Morgan’s Physical Therapy Story

“The reality of my cancer diagnosis didn’t set in right away.” In 2013, Morgan was going to high school, playing volleyball and spending time with her family and friends just like most girls her age. But that all changed when a bump on her knee led to a devastating discovery. “I went to my doctor [More]

From Teacher to Physician Assistant: Roxanne Schmiesing’s Journey to ACMC

The journey to becoming a physician assistant at ACMC for Roxanne Schmiesing was different from many others in her field. Beginning her career as a high school science teacher, Roxanne decided to take a new path, combining her passion for science, education and the well-being of others into a career in healthcare. As a child, Roxanne [More]