December 17, 2017

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Virtual Visits Available for ACMC Patients

It’s 8:00 am. Amy was coughing throughout the night and her throat is sore. She would like to stop by the clinic but with two little ones at home, it’s difficult to find a babysitter. Allison is on the road for work and her eye is irritated. She thinks it might be pink eye, but [More]

Artificial Sweeteners: The Good, The Bad…Wait Are They Really That Bad for You?

How much sugar do you think you eat every day? If you’re like the average American and the typical patient when they first come to the Willmar Diabetes Center, far too much. Most people have at least 20 teaspoons of sugar every day. For women that’s 14 teaspoons more than the daily recommended allowance and [More]

MyHealth@ACMC Helping Busy Patients Manage Their Healthcare

A busy working mom of two, Janae is always on the go. Sometimes it feels like a never-ending treadmill of working, running errands, going to appointments and keeping up with her boys. “Life is busy,” Janae said, “especially when you have two active boys like I do!” Her oldest son, Lucas, is two; Derek is [More]

ACS Releases New Mammogram Guidelines

Every year one in eight women will receive a breast cancer diagnosis. Early diagnosis can save lives—at any age. That’s why getting a screening mammogram is so important. “I think a lot of times women are so busy taking care of everyone else that sometimes they forget to take care of themselves, too. But it’s [More]

Caregivers: Don’t Forget to Take Care of Yourself

As a nurse practitioner in geriatrics and the Wound Clinic at ACMC-Willmar, I see patients in all ages and stages of their golden years. Many patients can care for themselves, but others require some help from a caregiver. For some of my patients, they may need a little bit of assistance, but for others a caregiver [More]

Recognizing Heat Illness and Dehydration in Children

Do you remember the lazy days of summer when you were a kid? When you would spend all day playing outside with siblings and friends? I treasure those memories! It was, and continues to be, my favorite time of year. But as summer heats up, so does the likelihood of heat stress and exhaustion. Kids [More]

Preventing Drowning Incidents in Childhood and Teen Years

Drowning. It’s the second-leading cause of injury-related death in children in the United States. I know what you’re thinking. It would never happen to my child. He knows how to swim, and besides, he never swims without supervision or someone else present. But in many drowning accidents, there is an adult present.  Last year, I [More]

Litchfield, Marshall Named Best Towns to Raise a Family: ACMC Physicians Agree

When it comes to raising your family, of course you want the very best for them. Your kids deserve it! In a recent study of best towns to raise a family, Litchfield and Marshall made the top 30. We asked some of our physicians and advanced practice providers to share why they love living, working [More]

An Easier Solution for Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are large, raised, swollen blood vessels that twist and turn. They usually develop in the legs and can be seen through the skin. Varicose veins are often genetic, although aging, being overweight or pregnant or having a job that requires long periods of standing can lead to varicose veins, too. What are Varicose [More]

Behind the Scenes: The Role of Medical Physicist Joe Schmidt at Willmar Regional Cancer Center

  Patients at Willmar Regional Cancer Center (WRCC) may not have ever seen Joe Schmidt, a medical physicist, or even know what he does, but he plays an integral role in providing radiation care to cancer patients. Radiation Technology to Medical Physicist When Joe first entered the medical profession, he was a radiology technologist. At [More]