September 18, 2018

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Growing My Practice in Marshall

Jill Vroman, DO, Family Medicine, ACMC-Marshall

“For me it was coming back home,” states Dr. Jill Vroman, when talking about how she came to work for Affiliated Community Medical Centers (ACMC).  “My husband and I knew that we wanted to come back to Minnesota when I was done with my residency and our choice was between ACMC in Marshall and two other Minnesota practices. I grew up in the rural community of Milroy, so having family close by for our kids to one day bond with was an important part of our decision.”

What Dr. Vroman likes about working for ACMC is that “as a system, we have a variety of different physicians and specialties that we have access to.  We can call on our colleagues and ask questions within our group.  Our clinics are also well managed and we provide good quality care to our patients.”  Dr. Vroman also enjoys the benefit of getting to take care of patients of all ages from OB to nursing home care and everything in between.

Outside of the clinic, Dr. Vroman gives back to the community by serving on the local YMCA Board of Directors, and working as the team physician for Southwest Minnesota State University’s athletic program.  “I work with lots of student athletes and attend many sporting events including football, soccer, and basketball games,” states Vroman, “I work with the trainers and see athletes here at the clinic as well.  It allows me to get younger people into my practice along with my regular patient mix.”

“Our clinics are well managed and we provide good quality care to our patients.”

“Marshall has been a great place for us to raise our children who are now ages 7 and 5,” says Dr. Vroman.  “There are lots of activities for them to be involved in and the community is really wonderful.  I love to exercise and having a YMCA in town is a huge benefit to me.  I have been taking swimming lessons there because I wanted to learn how to swim and my hope is to participate in a couple triathlons this summer.  I also enjoy running, playing basketball and my husband and I also spend as much time as we can on the golf course.”

Dr. Vroman says that, “Marshall is a bigger community with a small town feel.”  She has been with ACMC since 2002, and continues her active Family Medicine practice in Marshall.

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