September 20, 2018

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Dr. Jill Vroman: Practicing Family Medicine/Obstetrics in Marshall

Dr. Jill Vroman, Family Medicine with Obstetrics, ACMC-MarshallIt’s 3:00 p.m. and ACMC-Marshall physician Dr. Jill Vroman is headed to the hospital to deliver a baby. She has two expectant mothers in the hospital, and later tonight she’ll be welcoming another new life into the world.  It’s all part of life as a family medicine physician with obstetrics, and Dr. Vroman wouldn’t change a thing.

“Anyone who has ever experienced a child’s birth knows it’s an amazing experience to be a part of, and your patients remember it for the rest of their lives,” said Dr. Vroman. “Though every experience is special and unique, it’s always an honor to be a part of a couple’s pregnancy and to develop a close relationship with their families.”

Coming Back Home

It’s hard to believe it’s been 13 years since she began her practice with ACMC in Marshall. For Dr. Vroman it was like coming home—quite literally. She’s a local girl through and through; she grew up in Milroy, just 13 miles south of Marshall. Now she’s raising her own family in Marshall.

“I loved growing up out here so when the opportunity arose, my husband and I knew Marshall was just the kind of place we wanted to raise our family,” Dr. Vroman said. “It wasn’t just a great place for our future family; I could also see myself practicing medicine here for a long time.”

As a family medicine physician with obstetrics and a mom to two kids, Dr. Vroman juggles a busy career and family life. When she isn’t at the clinic or with her family, she’s also active in the community as team physician for the Southwest Minnesota State University Mustangs.  But living and working in Marshall makes striking a balance easier than it would have had she chosen one of the other Minnesota practice locations she considered.

“Having a helpful husband and my family nearby makes balancing my work and home life possible. As women and moms, we all understand how busy life is; sometimes it seems like there aren’t enough hours in the day. But you make it work. Schedules and planning are a must, which obviously doesn’t always happen with my pregnant patients. Babies don’t typically come on a schedule,” Dr. Vroman laughs.

Family Life in Marshall

“Marshall is such a friendly place. It’s seems like a big community with all the amenities you need, while still maintaining that small-town charm. More importantly, it’s safe. I don’t have to worry about my kids playing outside or walking to a neighbor’s house,” she said.

With a nine- and 11-year-old, sometimes Dr. Vroman feels like her family is always on the go. From shuffling the kids to school—it’s a great school system for their kids—or a host of after-school activities, from baseball and softball to basketball, there’s never a shortage of things for her family to do.

“There are so many chances for our kids to get involved, to explore their interests; that’s not always possible in a large city. My kids not only get time to be kids, but to find out what they enjoy doing by participating in so many different activities,” Dr. Vroman said. “Believe it or not when I’m not at the clinic, running around with the kids, or getting involved in the community, sometimes I even manage to find time for me. That’s when I hit the golf course or sneak in a workout at the Y.”

Practicing at ACMC

Though ACMC has been her first and only practice since residency, she knows it was the right choice—not only for her, but for her family.

“ACMC is a great organization to work for. I have a lot of flexibility to practice the kind of medicine I’ve always hoped I’d one day be able to include in my practice, which is obvious when you breakdown the variety of patients I see: OB, sports medicine, pediatrics, family practice, nursing home and hospital work,” she said. “I absolutely love it.”

She adds, “I’ve been fortunate to establish the kind of practice that works for me—and my family; I’m happy that I’ve been able to do that so close to where I grew up.”