December 17, 2017

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Dr. Lachlan Smith: A Leader in Medicine and Technology at ACMC

At ACMC, Dr. Lachlan Smith is well known as a technology leader.  So it’s hard to believe at one time he wasn’t always so sure of his future career path.  In fact, in college Dr. Smith liked English so much that he even considered majoring in it.  It wasn’t until he took a test that showed he had a strong aptitude for sciences and biology that he began his journey to a career in medicine.  It was a decision that eventually led him to ACMC.

“Even though I was just starting out, practicing with ACMC allowed me to work in both obstetrics and gynecology, which is something most providers just getting into in this field don’t get to do,” Dr. Smith said.  “I really liked the academic atmosphere of ACMC’s group and the support they showed one another.  The partners I have had the pleasure to work with through the years are very intelligent individuals, which provides for interesting dialogue and insight into medical matters.”

For Dr. Smith one of the most rewarding parts of practicing at ACMC has been the evolution of medical technologies and information systems.  These advances have completely transformed the way medicine is practiced today.

Connecting Medicine and Technology                      

In the thirty years Dr. Smith has been with ACMC, technology used in the medical field has advanced rapidly.  For instance, surgical technologies that were once new and cutting-edge are common place today, and records that used to be filed by hand now reside in electronic health records (EHR).  In addition to the everyday demands of a busy OB/GYN practice, Dr. Smith has enjoyed working to bridge the gap between medicine and technology.

“He has a vision for what medicine can be with good application of technology. For us to successfully implement new systems, it’s vital to have a thorough understanding of the technological capabilities and the medical value it can bring to our organization,” said Bill Jagow, chief information officer.  “Dr. Smith not only gets how these technologies will benefit his OB/GYN practice, but he also understands how technology can impact and move ACMC forward as an organization.  His approach to, and understanding of, technology is invaluable to ACMC.”

“Dr. Smith strives to be ahead of the curve. He is always eager to trial new tools and dig deeper in existing technologies like ACMC’s electronic health records to learn their capabilities,” said Jagow.  “He’s so invested in these technologies that often times he is the first one in our clinics using advanced features within systems like our electronic health records.”

A Vision for the Future

Information systems and technology in the medical field are constantly changing. “ACMC’s administration has always been forward-thinking when it comes to medical technology.  They’re continuously making strategic decisions to invest in systems that help to improve our overall patient experience,” said Dr. Smith.

Our information systems work together like a well-oiled machine, allowing multiple applications to function together as a single coherent system. ACMC has very sophisticated abilities to extract data and use it in meaningful ways. This technology not only supplies our providers with the information necessary to make the best treatment decisions for their patients, but also allows ACMC to identify patients that should be seen. For example, our databases can analyze a patient’s medical and family history to determine if they’ve had the recommended preventative and disease specific treatments they should for optimal health.  Information once residing only in the pages of a paper chart is not only widely accessible to our providers, but can also be aggregated and stratified in endless ways.

“ACMC has always been able to use this data at the point of care, but now we’re able to boil this data down into valuable information about our patient population,” said Jagow.  “While many clinics and hospitals are just beginning to implement technologies like electronic health records, we’ve had this in place for eleven years.  We’re ahead of the curve when it comes to collecting and utilizing that data to best serve our patients.” 

Our providers are an integral part of the implementation of new technologies at ACMC.  Systems like this wouldn’t be possible without physicians like OB/GYN Dr. Lachlan Smith who go above and beyond to better ACMC and improve the patient experience.