September 22, 2017

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Dr. Sarah Eisenschenk on Enjoying Life in New London-Spicer

Dr. Sarah Eisenschenk, ACMC-New London/Spicer, Family MedicineACMC-New London/Spicer family medicine physician Dr. Sarah Eisenschenk may be a doctor by day, but she loves the artistic process.  That’s why she signed up for pottery classes during her medical student rotation through the University of Minnesota’s Rural Physician Associate Program (RPAP).

“Being a doctor is fairly analytical in nature. I need a creative outlet to provide some balance for myself,” Dr. Eisenschenk says. “So I took up art in a variety of forms including pottery, painting, photography and watercolor pencils.”

Through art she was able to get to know people in the New London-Spicer community. Though she is no longer a medical student, that sense of community is one of the things that drew Dr. Eisenschenk back to practice family medicine in New London-Spicer.

“I appreciated how people here took care of one another. There were some really challenging situations that the area went through while I was working as a medical student. Witnessing the support people had for one another made me realize how grateful I would be to live and work in New London-Spicer area,” she said.

The Best of Both Worlds

Having grown up in nearby Avon, Minn.—it’s roughly an hour east of New London—she knew she wanted to live somewhere that reminded her of her hometown.

“I always had an interest in living in a smaller community. But I also have interests in things you don’t typically find in areas like this. What I love about this region is the mix of unique opportunities it offers,” she said.

From the rich cultural diversity across the region to the vibrant arts community and local parks and trails to the lakes, Dr. Eisenschenk thinks she’s found the perfect place to call home.

“I love arts, good music and theater. I also love being outdoors, riding horses, skiing, fishing, hiking or paddle boarding. It’s a place where everything I love sort of converges,” she said.  “When it comes to things I like to do, it’s truly the best of both worlds, personally and professionally.”

That’s true for her medical career in New London-Spicer, too.

Working at ACMC-New London/Spicer during her RPAP rotations gave her first-hand experience as well as an appreciation for what it was like practicing family medicine in a smaller community.

“My interests in medicine are broad and diverse. I love working with pregnant patients and delivering babies, but I also like getting to care for both mom and baby afterward. It’s really the only specialty where I can do both,” she said. “It’s also nice to know that as a physician at ACMC, I have the support and mentorship of other family medicine physicians as well as specialists across our clinic system.”

Out and About in New London-Spicer

Though she’s only been back since October, she’s already settling into her new routine.

“I can already see that ACMC is the perfect match for physicians like me who want to balance a growing medical practice with a full and active lifestyle outside the clinic, too,” she said. “I get to be a doctor, but I’m also a friend, a neighbor, a volunteer and more.  Having done some of my training in large metropolitan communities, I realize how much I value these close community relationships.”

As for what’s to come, Dr. Eisenschenk can’t wait to see what life in New London-Spicer brings.

“I work with a fantastic group of people, and we have amazing patients.  I’m really looking forward to getting involved within the community again while getting to know my patients—both in and out of the clinic.”

She adds, “Who knows maybe I’ll even try my hand at pottery again!”

One thing is for certain, you’ll definitely see Dr. Eisenschenk enjoying life in New London-Spicer.