November 25, 2017

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Internal Medicine/Pediatrics Physician Comes to ACMC-Marshall

Timothy Michals, MD, Internal Medicine/Pediatrician, ACMC-Marshall

Timothy Michals, MD, Internal Medicine/Pediatrician, ACMC-Marshall

There is a new face and a new specialty offered at ACMC-MarshallDr. Timothy Michals has started his practice in Internal Medicine/Pediatrics.

Internal Medicine/Pediatrics (IM/Peds) Specialty

One of the questions most often asked is what is an Internal Medicine/Pediatrics doctor?  “Often referred to as Meds-Peds, an Internal Medicine/Pediatrics doctor specializes in adult and pediatric medical problems that tend to be more complex than normal,” said Dr. Michals.  “During residency a family practitioner will spend their time in many different areas such as OB, surgery etc; my experience focused on two years of internal medicine and two years of pediatrics.  Internal Medicine doctors focus on adult medicine and diseases and a pediatric doctor focuses on the treatment of children so really it’s like I’m two doctors in one. A family medicine doctor is best at keeping healthy people healthy and when their health problems become more difficult to manage they send them to me.”

Transitioning to Marshall

Coming to Marshall will be a big change for Dr. Michals who spent his residency years at OSF St. Francis Hospital in Peoria, Illinois.  OSF is an 800 bed medical center in the middle of Illinois whose referral base was everything south of Chicago throughout the rest of Illinois, parts of Indiana and parts of Iowa; that amounts to about 8 million people.

Dr. Michals is looking forward to the change in coming to Marshall and joining his wife, Stephanie McKee who is a Physician Assistant with ACMC-Marshall, and his two young children.  “Stephanie was raised in Marshall and had such a great experience growing up here. She really wanted to come back and raise our children here,” says Michals.  “Life will be quite different for us because this will be the first time in our relationship that we are actually going to live together.  We met in medical school, but our career paths have steered us away from what is usually considered to be the norm.”

Starting My Practice

Dr. Michals once used a yo-yo to calm a child down so a procedure was able to be performed that saved his life.

Excited to start his Meds-Peds practice in Marshall, Dr. Michals says “I’m prepared to do a lot of different things and am looking forward to shaping my practice according to the needs of the community.  I feel I have a great way of relating to people and I focus on making certain that my patients feel like they are heard when I meet with them.  In my residency, I had a lot of continuity with my patients, so I’m used to dealing with the day to day needs of my patients since their medical problems are usually more complicated.  I see my patients when they need to be seen and don’t always have to refer to their medical charts when they call in with minor questions because I tend to get to know them very well.  I’m looking forward to having that again in the Marshall community.”

Getting Involved

Dr. Michals didn’t have a lot of free time to get involved in the community he lived in prior to moving to Marshall, but that’s one thing he’s looking forward to now.  “I feel that pediatricians need to be an advocate for children so I will be looking for ways that I can give in a pediatric sense,” says Dr. Michals.  “I will spend much of my summer preparing to take my board exam for pediatrics and look forward to meeting with new patients this fall!”

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