February 19, 2019

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MyHealth@ACMC Helping Busy Patients Manage Their Healthcare

MyHealth@ACMC Patient Portal Helping Busy Patients Manage Their Healthcare

Photo courtesy of Janae Olson

A busy working mom of two, Janae is always on the go. Sometimes it feels like a never-ending treadmill of working, running errands, going to appointments and keeping up with her boys.

“Life is busy,” Janae said, “especially when you have two active boys like I do!”

Her oldest son, Lucas, is two; Derek is eight months. Janae is always on the look out for things that can make life a little easier and keep her more organized.

When she was pregnant with Lucas, she learned about MyHealth@ACMC.  She decided to give it a whirl.

MyHealth@ACMC is a secure online patient portal available to all ACMC patients. Portal users can manage their healthcare online anytime, anywhere.  From appointment reminders to communicating with your doctor and viewing your personal health summary to requesting prescription refills, MyHealth@ACMC makes managing your health easier than ever.

“When you’re pregnant, you have so many regular appointments to keep up with. I wanted to be able to schedule appointments when it was convenient for me. It’s not always easy to do that during the normal working day,” she said.

She adds, “And with pregnancy brain—who doesn’t experience that forgetfulness from time to time—it was always nice to get reminders on my phone.”

What she didn’t realize at the time was how helpful it would be once her little ones arrived.

She added, “I love that I can ask questions of our doctors. I am able to send our primary care provider messages 24/7. I feel like I get a quicker response that way than when calling in with a question because the message goes right to my healthcare provider. It’s also really nice to have a history of those messages that I can review whenever I need to.”

MyHealth@ACMC has been a great tool for Janae when her kids aren’t feeling well.

“Having a sick kiddo is never fun—especially when they’re just an infant. When Derek is sick, but it’s not a medical emergency, I’ve used the messaging tool to communicate with his family medicine provider. I like not having to explain everything twice,” Janae said.

Though she most frequently uses MyHealth@ACMC to make appointments and communicate with her doctor, Janae has also found it nice to be able to view her children’s—and her—medical history through the patient portal.  She’s able to print off Lucas’ and Derek’s immunization records for daycare.

“If I didn’t use MyHealth@ACMC, I’d have to round up the boys, bundle them up and take them into the clinic to get immunization records. But with the convenience of ACMC’s patient portal, I can do it with just a few clicks from the comfort of my home,” Janae said.  “It’s simplified the way we manage our healthcare in so many ways. What could be better than that?”

Learn more about MyHealth@ACMC, including how you sign up, too!