January 20, 2019

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Preparing for a Child-Free Getaway: What Medical Information Should You Leave with Your Child’s Caregiver?

Medical Consent FormEveryone deserves a kid-free getaway every now and then. But leaving your children can be a scary experience whether you’re leaving them for the first time or the one hundredth. What happens when you drop your kids off with grandma and grandpa and there is a medical emergency? Or what if you’re relying on them to take your child for a well-child check-up? How can you make sure your child’s care giver has the medical information he or she needs?

“Kids aren’t always able to communicate their needs and wants and most do not have a knowledge of their medical history. It can be difficult for a person caring for your child when they don’t have the proper medical information to do so. Without the proper forms, your child may not be given the proper care or perhaps may not be able to be treated at all,” said family medicine provider Stephanie McKee, PA-C.

“Every time I leave my children with someone else, be it a grandparent or babysitter, I provide them with information about my children’s routine and medical history. It helps me feel a little bit better leaving when I know the caregiver has the information they need to properly care for them.”

Put your mind (and your caregiver’s) at ease with a simple medical care plan that has the information your child’s caregiver may need to know:

  • What to do in the event of a medical emergency, including where to take your child to receive medical care and how to reach you
  • A list of important phone numbers, including your child’s doctor, your local urgent care, emergency room and pharmacy
  • A record of your child’s allergies, medications, and medical history
  • Health insurance information
  • A consent to treat form, which allows the caregiver to seek medical care for your child while you’re away

“When you leave your child with a relative or another caregiver, you are leaving behind your most precious belonging, and you want them to be loved and cared for as they would with you,” said Stephanie.

This summer when you prepare to leave the kids with family, friend or another caregiver, be prepared with this medical care plan form. Now what are you waiting for? Your suitcase won’t pack itself! Enjoy your getaway!