January 17, 2019

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Radiologic Tech Graduating with Help from ACHF Scholarship

Radiation Technology at ACMCI broke my collar bone when I was 13 and ever since that day, I’ve known that I wanted to work in the medical field. I had X-rays taken and I just thought the images looked so cool on the screen and I thought it would be an interesting job. Every day I would get to take images of different parts of the body that doctors would use to figure out what is wrong with their patients. My aunt is also an X-ray tech and when I asked her about her job, it just seemed like there were so many different fields I could go into.

It’s been almost 18 months and I’m set to graduate this July from Rice Memorial Hospital School of Radiologic Technology and Ridgewater College in Willmar. It’s been a great mix of class time and clinicals and I’ve really enjoyed getting to go to some of the local healthcare organizations like ACMC, Rice Hospital, Paynesville Hospital and Renville County Hospital. It’s great that these organizations work with students so we can get the hands on experience we need.

Jennifer Stang, Radiologic Technology Student

Going to college can be expensive; I heard about a scholarship opportunity that was available through Affiliated Community Health Foundation (ACHF), so I applied. I was so happy when I found out that I was chosen to be one of the recipients of the scholarships. It really meant a lot to me and it helped me through my last year of college by only having to work every other weekend. I was also able to pay some of my tuition and extra bills that would have required me to take out a loan for school; now I will have less debt to pay off when I’m done.

Recently, I’ve started filling out job applications. Ideally I would like to end up in a rural community, so I’m hopeful I can find somewhere close to home. I grew up in Richmond, MN and I guess I just like the small town life; so we will see what happens. All I know is that I’m really excited to get out and work in my field because I really love what I’m doing!


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