September 18, 2018

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My First and Only Practice, ACMC-Benson Where I Wanted to Be

Though my wife Anita and I had begun dating several months before while I was finishing my family practice residency in St. Paul, I moved to Benson in 1983 a bachelor. I was 31 at the time. It was my first—and as it turns out, only—medical practice after finishing my formal medical training. From the [More]

Mammograms, Breast Ultrasounds and MRI’s: What’s It All Mean?

The key to saving lives from breast cancer is early detection.  When women reach the age of 40 (or earlier if at high risk), it is recommended that an annual mammogram test is completed.  Mammograms can’t keep women from getting breast cancer; their primary purpose is to assist in detecting breast cancer sooner than it [More]