September 23, 2018

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Meet Marshall Surgery Center’s Nurse Anesthetist Jason Klein

When he was in high school, Jason Klein’s guidance counselor planted the seed that eventually led him down the path to become a certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA). During nursing school his interest grew, and after observing a CRNA in action, he knew without a doubt becoming an anesthetist was what he wanted to do. [More]

ACMC-Marshall Surgery Center’s General Surgeon Dr. Steven Kidd

Texas native Dr. Steven Kidd is no stranger to southwest and west central Minnesota. In fact prior to Marshall, he called Willmar home for more than 18 years.  He was a general surgeon at Willmar Surgery Center, a joint venture between ACMC and Rice Memorial Hospital, before making the move to Marshall last July. He’s [More]

What is an Ambulatory Surgery Center?

Forty-five years ago, the first ambulatory surgery center (ASC) was established in Phoenix, Ariz., by two physicians who wanted to provide more timely, convenient and comfortable surgical services for their patients. Today there are more than 5,300 ASCs in the United States, and they perform 23 million surgeries annually. Willmar Surgery Center and the ACMC-Marshall Surgery [More]