January 17, 2018

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Should I Be Worried about this Enterovirus Everyone is Talking about?

You’ve probably heard about a respiratory illness making its way across the Midwest. The first cases of the virus, called Enterovirus D68 or EV-D68, were recently confirmed in Minnesota. Healthcare facilities across Minnesota are also reporting an increase in respiratory infections—particularly in children. “Enteroviruses are not a new virus, and anyone can become infected with an enterovirus. Every [More]

Water-Related Illnesses and Safe Swimming Practices

Summertime brings fun and sunshine. With this hot weather many of us are seeking to cool off in the local swimming pool or lake. We need to remember that recreational water illnesses also increase in summer and early fall. Cryptosporidi-what? Cryptosporidium is one of the most common waterborne diseases in our country, and is most [More]

Mosquitoes, Bites and West Nile Virus

By Jo DeBruycker, RN, MPH, ACMC Health Learning Center Mosquitoes, and mosquito bites, are annoying. What is worse, mosquito bites sometimes transmit serious disease such as West Nile Virus. How to reduce mosquito bites? You’re most likely to get mosquito bites at dawn or dusk, when mosquitos are most active. But, it’s not always possible [More]