May 23, 2019

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It’s December: Is it too Late for a Flu Shot?

The holidays—and peak flu season—are just around the corner.  And unfortunately the flu bug is already starting to pop up at homes, worksites, day cares, schools and nursing homes. That’s why you need to get vaccinated: especially seniors, pregnant women and anyone with chronic health conditions.  Simply put, everyone six months and older should get [More]

It’s a virus so what can you do?

We’re seeing a high number of people in our clinics with coughs, stuffy noses, head congestion and sore throats.  So what can you do at home that will help you get better and when should you seek medical attention? Outlasting the virus Most viral illnesses last 7-10 days, with day 4 and day 5 being [More]

What are Shingles?

It started with those little red bumps and a rash. Then those bumps got itchy and your mom covered you from head to toe with Calamine lotion so you wouldn’t scratch and spread the rash to other parts of your body or worse yet to your siblings.  What am I talking about?  I know you [More]